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We are 2A - an architectural design services company that has been providing computer-aided solutions in the field of architecture and building... development for over a decade. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, our team comprises dedicated professionals trained in the art of developing 3D visualization software, commercial architectural design, and designing building drawings.

We have over thirty architectural designers, structural engineers, and numerous programmers who understand what it means to design the entirety of a building from the start to finish, and have provided our services to clients from all over the world and across Europe, including the US, UK, Israel, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Our goal is simple: to help you build faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than ever before, and to ensure you can get the most out of your money without sacrificing quality. Since we understand how difficult it is to get a building project up and running, we've spent years developing our software solutions to allow us to provide accurate information in real-time, and enable collaboration between all building parties as the project proceeds.

Over the years, we've helped building contractors streamline their processes and ensure that they can keep costs down, so they can build faster. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who have come to love the quality of our architectural designs and BIM models, and we know you will too.

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Our Services

Our BIM model outsourcing services seek to improve the accuracy of design decisions by fostering coordination and collaboration among various... architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines.

MEP design
MEP professionals have begun to embrace the ease and improved constructability that comes with BIM modeling. They can now design more efficiently, detail, document, and fabricate building systems with the help of our futuristic BIM 3D modeling. There’s improved collaboration between project teams that helps to enhance accuracy, improve the design and optimize all systems involved in the building project.

HVAC design
To work as efficiently as possible, HVAC contractors must have access to construction planning from the beginning. Our BIM software enables contractors to build highly accurate virtual models of current HVAC systems as well as model potential new systems. This has proven useful to engineering companies that engage in HVAC projects because our modelling creates an accurate point of reference that fosters coordination between building owners, energy workers, and HVAC contractors.

Landscape & Garden Design
Our building design services have also helped with master planning, scheme designs, and landscape planning. This enables better communication and collaboration between landscape designers and other project participants. Also, architects can easily collaborate with other building contractors to read landscape data and incorporate vital information in their designs. With our 3D designs, we’ve successfully produced well-detailed unique landscapes that beautify the entire building.

Interior & Floor Plans design
Our building construction design is beneficial for building commercial as well as residential projects. We create 2D floor plans and elevations and produce a 3D visual of your entire design scheme to help your contractors save cost and time while working and to avoid rework.

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Why Choose Us?

Hiring architectural BIM service providers with a wealth of experience and a solid reputation offers you many advantages. Apart from greatly improving the overall... quality of your construction, here are the other benefits you get from choosing us:

Low pricing
Our commercial architectural designs help reduce operational and construction costs thanks to our effective project management, well-distributed architectural and design teams, and smoother communication between all contractors involved. At a time when construction costs have skyrocketed, this is undoubtedly a huge benefit for building owners.

High Planning Success Rate
Over the years, we have worked with many authorities and understand how planning applications are decided. Our BIM software helps architects visualize and create designs faster, and BIM models help estimators generate more precise calculations. Our architectural drafting and design services enhance the planning and construction phases, and our knowledge and planning policies are sure to give your application the best chance of success.

Risks and Costs reduction
By improving the planning phases, our BIM models can assist contractors in reducing the number of wasted materials, minimizing errors and streamlining the entire construction process. We’ll also ensure all risks on site are reduced to a minimum by considering all parts of your project. This inadvertently leads to overall cost savings and minimized delays.

Architectural 3D visualization
In our state-of-the-art architectural design studio, we provide high-quality photorealistic renders for architecture professionals and interior designers, whether for marketing, planning, or design purposes. Our immersive design solutions help clients and architects completely visualize the entire building project before construction even starts. This in itself helps to guarantee that we know what you want and can achieve it in the shortest time possible.

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Our building design approach

When working with us, we have a standard approach to getting your building designs delivered. Here’s a quick breakdown of our order of operations...

Strategic Definition
At this stage, we get to understand your project. We talk through the client’s proposals and ideas and offer possible suggestions where necessary. The client and the architect also communicate to gather information about the site, any existing buildings, and the client's desires for the upcoming structure. Following that, we will create some sketch designs to show you the various options for your project. We will also give you some preliminary design ideas, describe our service offerings, and go over the estimated costs and timelines, alongside a design feasibility report.

Concept Design
This is the next stage after successfully defining your project. Our dedicated architectural design team begins to translate the client's wishes into a building design concept. This may involve sketches, drawings, preliminary site plans, floor plans, and building elevations. We develop and refine each design model, and ensure it stays in line with local design guidelines and templates. MEP and other building systems like HVAC, plumbing, and landscaping are included in our schematic designs. We will also engage in preliminary discussions with local planning departments and other third parties, and perform a full set of calculations to specify structural elements that would align with your building regulations drawings. All of this is accomplished with careful adherence to building codes and planning approvals.

3D Modeling and BIM Rendering
Our world-class architectural design studio produces immersive 3D models of building design. We offer a wide range of products and services, including desktop design software, 3D modeling software, visualization services and more! Visualization serves as a channel of communication between the building consultants and contractors and helps to achieve better cost predictability, fewer errors, and a better understanding of the project goals. The architect also offers the client the exterior and interior finishes that will be placed on top of the basic framework. Since finishes can greatly affect the total cost of a construction project and the project schedule, we handle this phase with utmost care. In the end, with our BIM rendering and modeling, every party understands where the project is headed, and it’s easy to collaborate since there’s a common point of reference.

Technical & Constructional Design
After we have modeled your architectural design service, we create the technical documents that cover all the project specifications like drainage plans and minimum clearances. Two complete sets of detailed drawings, outlining every aspect of the final design, are produced by the architect. The construction set is the one that stays on the job site throughout construction. The other set is called the permit set, which the customer sends to the local permitting authority for the required planning permissions, whether that's a city or a county. The drawings serve as a comprehensive set of written and visual instructions outlining exactly how we want your project to be built, and these are to be followed through the construction process. Understanding and implementing these drawings help to reduce errors, miscommunication, and wastage of materials during the construction phase.

Project Delivery
After a comprehensive and detailed work on your building design service, we transfer finished drawings and project documentation to the clients for approval. We are also available for consultation and providing revisions after the project has been delivered. Over the years, we've been providing computer-aided architectural solutions for building contractors. We provide them with world-class software and staff to ensure quicker, lower-cost building processes. Our job is to help you succeed in your business by exceeding expectations. If you are looking for a faster, more cost-effective way to build, then contact us today!

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