BIM Consulting Services

BIM Consulting Services

As a BIM design company, 2A is here to help in reaching your project goals. We've been in business for more than twelve years, and have completed more than 100 projects around the world—including projects... in the United States, UK, Israel, Germany, Luxemburg, and across Europe.

We believe that every project is unique and deserves to be treated as such. That's why we use our extensive experience to provide you with customized solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our team of 30+ qualified BIM designers ensures that your project will move forward smoothly from start to finish.

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BIM Consulting Services That We Provide

BIM strategy Consulting

We offer a strategic roadmap for customer BIM adoption journey: BIM strategy consulting is a unique approach to providing business intelligence to organizations and it includes BIM Evaluation of capabilities and collecting of requirements, analyzing the project and it’s perspectives, setting performance indicators. We provide team guidance and BIM software training as well.

BIM Adoption Consulting

With our clients, we establish a collaborative connection, in which we support them all the way through. Our BIM Adoption Consulting might be used particularly (involves 2D drafting and conceptual 3D design), or as a complete collaboration, when 3D digital models connect with timeline & project schedule. We also provide complete integration to connect 3D assemblies with numerous facets of the project.

BIM Coordination

Regulation and settlement are essential to the success of any construction project. We can help coordinate and formulate contract documentation for various stakeholders, control both the BIM design and construction by putting the BIM Execution Plan into action. Through all the process we maintain awareness and fulfillment of project requirements.

BIM Implementation

This is a key component of any successful project as it enables constant collaboration and modeling supervision for eliminating undesirable issues amongst the stakeholders. Our company helps architectural, engineering, and construction clients in establishing the optimal BIM workflow. We make sure each party of the project stays alert on changes and main objectives.

BIM Staff Augmentation

This is a great way to improve your design team's productivity. By outsourcing design documentation or hiring a specialist BIM staff, you can free up your team to focus on more important tasks. At BIM design service company, we deliver quality design documentation and specialist staff to meet your needs.

Our Approach To Bim Consulting Process

BIM requirement gathering

To make use of BIM consulting services, it is first necessary to gather the required data. This data can be gathered manually or through the use of BIM software. A digital model of the construction project can then be made using the information received. This model is used to increase the effectiveness of the building process and the caliber of the finished product.

Project Pre-planning

Our team ensures comprehensive and detailed planning by understanding the client’s requirements and delivering projects catering to their expectations. Decision-making, design implementation, fabrication detailing, and scheduling are discussed from start to the end of the customer’s project.

Strategy planning

Once we have gathered all the information about your project, we will start to develop a strategy for it. Developing a BIM strategy is not a quick or easy process, but it is an essential process of BIM consulting services. Our team of BIM consulting services experts can help you develop a BIM strategy that is tailored to your company's needs.

Setting up project objectives

The next step is to define your project objectives and work out how best to achieve them. The main objective of our BIM process is to provide a solution that will deliver the required results for your project. Our BIM consultants will work with you to ensure that all aspects of the design process are covered and that you have clear documentation from start to finish.

Budget planning

After setting up your project objectives we will determine exactly how much you need to spend on this project. We can then help you plan how much money you need for each stage of the design process, including working drawings and construction drawings. This will guarantee that there is sufficient funding to complete everything that has to be done in order for your project to be successful.



Executing live projects

Once we have agreed upon a budget and set out clear expectations for what needs doing, it is time to get started on executing live projects. Our team will work with you on executing and monitoring your projects. We will create high-quality models that are accurate, realistic, and easy to use. We also provide regular updates so that you can see progress at all times.

Benefit From Experience Of BIM Consultants

  • Instant communication
    Communication is a key component of all project management activities. Instant communication is essential to manage liability and obligations, and maintain strong communications for all stakeholders in the project. These can help to improve project management and support better project management and guarantee that all parties stay alert on the latest updates.
  • Effective cooperation
    Effective cooperation amongst project team members is essential for the successful completion of a project. Real-time collaboration on various stages of the BIM design process minimizes pointless silos among project tasks and enables the project to receive the correct attention.
  • Lower costs
    Our distributed team of European designers, skilled project managers, established and agile procedures, and perfect communication allow us to provide lower costs on services. By spotting disputes and constructability problems before the construction crew arrives on site, we can save construction costs.
  • Industry best practices
    They are essential for businesses to stay competitive. As innovation advisors, we can help your business by implementing the correct practices, processes, and innovative tools. We have the experience and knowledge to advise you on strategies that work and create a successful end-to-end BIM Consulting advantage for your business.
  • Enhanced execution
    The BIM consulting services are designed to help clients by providing them with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. And by using our BIM consulting services the designers' team complete the project by bridging the theoretical knowledge and pragmatic gap of BIM strategy.

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