2A - Architectural & Structural BIM Services

2A - Architectural & Structural BIM Services

2A is a renowned Architectural BIM company with a strong foothold in the CAD and BIM industry. With an illustrious 10+ years of experience in the European and North American markets, we have a thriving customer base around the globe. ..

We provide high-quality Architectural BIM services making it propitious for Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Stakeholders, and Builders. Our team of architects, engineers, modelers, consultants, and designers have comprehensive knowledge leading to the production of a versatile portfolio of residential, commercial, mixed-use, and BIM models.

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Top-Notch Revit Architectural BIM Services

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling

We produce data-rich Revit BIM models using Autodesk Revit Software. Our services include Customized Architectural Revit Family Creation, Revit Landscape Modeling, Revit BIM Architectural Modeling, CAD to Revit / 2D to BIM Conversion, and Architectural quantity-take-off services.

Point Cloud to Architectural BIM Modeling

Our competent workforce is skilled in providing Scan to BIM services including 3D Model creation at LOD 500, As-Built Drawings & documentation, As-Built elevation & plan view drawings, and Point Cloud to Mesh.

Structural BIM Services

We provide Structural BIM Modeling services including Steel structure detailing and design, Structural analysis, 3D Modeling construction, Evaluation of specific elements in the structure, Creation of 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM services, accurate cost estimations, and quantity take-offs, Intelligent parametric library creation, and High-quality construction documents.

Our Approach to Architectural BIM

Schematic Design

Our experts deliver initial designs of basic architectural views, interior views including sections, RCP details, interior walls and doors, ceilings, 3D floor plans, exterior views including exterior elevations, Modeling of walls, doors, façade finishes, windows, roofs, conceptual views, and photorealistic views.

Design Development

Our information-rich Architectural BIM Modeling includes Revit Support through Design Development and Construction Drawing, complex construction detailing such as appropriate material application, carvings, moldings, intricate geometry on facades, BIM Quantity Take offs, Material Take-offs, overall dimensions, other dimensions including structural grid and interior wall dimensions, Creation of “Intelligent” Parametric Libraries, and BIM cost estimation.

Construction Documents

We ensure coherence with client requirements by offering a ready-to-use construction model and fully annotated floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, interior and exterior sections, plan dimensions, rooms, windows, walls, Architectural shop, and As-built drawings, Virtual conflict detection, and resolution. Our well-equipped team of professionals augments the design process from initial concept design to the building’s completion by using BIM. By using our BIM Architectural services, you can elevate your communication with architects, engineers, and construction companies by providing them with a construction-ready model which incorporates Revit drafting, Revit Structural BIM, 3D BIM Modeling, and 3D rendering solutions. 2A is the one-stop shop offering coordinated 3D BIM Modeling services tailored to meet the client’s needs.




We develop strong concepts using 2D CAD drawings and/or digital prints. These are used as visuals when pitching a conceptual design to a client and serve as a base leading to a successful implementation of BIM.

Benefit from Architectural & Structural BIM Services

  • Virtual Simulation
    We provide effective 3D visualization through a working 3D model with strong digital integration and design coordination. They can be used to navigate around a building as a whole or through different technical layers easily. Calculating the time and cost estimation to complete the project as well as viewing 3D dimensions like width, height, and depth can be done efficiently.
  • Coordinated Approach
    Through Architectural BIM models, members of different teams can communicate with each other and make sure that designs, systems, and structures are coordinated. Every piece of information is collected so all parties involved can document their changes and have access to the most recent design. This avoids any confusion and improves project teamwork.
  • Clash Detection
    BIM software significantly reduces miscalculations by providing that single source of truth and making it available to all stakeholders. It detects disputes or clashes, enabling resolutions for the entire building. Minor changes can be detected and reflected in the digital database throughout the model.
  • Flexibility
    BIM offers a level of flexibility for the AEC sector that was previously unheard of. With the changing client requirements, architects can quickly alter or customize the design and documentation procedures. Due to the introduction of BIM, architecture all around the globe has become more sophisticated. Since all the work is done in separate silos, no new calculations are required when the architect modifies the design.

Work with 2A to your advantage

Faster project delivery

The project design requires less time with BIM. As a result, the project can begin construction more quickly and be completed as scheduled.

Lower costs

You can run clash detection and resolve issues to speed up project completion leading to less wastage and higher productivity. The BIM's clash-free design would guarantee unnecessary project delays and added costs.

Dedicated team

We are a dedicated team that will solely work for one client, so our team becomes an extension of the client’s team.


Leveraging BIM and CAD capabilities, we are a team of innovative architects, designers, and engineers who are proficient in Revit. With over 100 projects under our belt, we consistently deliver as expected.

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