MEP BIM Modeling Services

Flawless MEP Modeling

MEP BIM Services involve a method of modeling the building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in a more immersive and easily visualized useful 3D model...

BIM MEP coordination refers to the collaboration between the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines in a 3D BIM model and is usually done at the pre-construction stage of building projects. Implementing our flawless BIM MEP model improves project accuracy, reduces clashes and rework, minimizes project delays, and saves cost by optimizing building systems design.

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MEP BIM Drafting Services at 2A

Who we are
2A architectural atelier is a high-quality architectural BIM service provider with over 10 years of offering MEP 3D modeling across Europe and North America. We have extensive knowledge of the construction sectors and leverage our decade-long experience, dedicated team, and modern BIM software in coordinating mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.

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Our MEP BIM Services

Mechanical (HVAC) engineering services

We have highly skilled experts who specialize in mechanical 3D modeling services, including modeling of HVAC ductwork and pipes, heating and cooling systems, and fire protection systems. Our mechanical drawing specifications also cover the size, shape, and placement of ductwork and the locations of dampers, mechanical equipment, calculation reports, and other components of HVAC or mechanical systems. We develop energy-efficient MEP layouts to efficiently synchronize building and structural elements while consuming the least amount of energy possible. Our mechanical models can be updated in real-time as changes are made and provide the perfect platform for collaboration between all parties in a construction project.

Electrical engineering services

Electrical engineering design drawings show an electrical system or circuits, reflecting energy conservation and environmental responsibility concerns. We offer expert 2D electrical cable layouts, wiring diagrams, Electrical Lighting & Electrical Power Drawings: electrical riser modeling, coordination drawings, and Cable Tray Layouts. Our accurately generated and clash-free BIM models help to prevent spatial issues and avoid clashes between electrical components through properly detailed electrical diagrams.

Plumbing engineering & design services

This represents the water distribution system, including potable pressure water, heated water, sewerage, sprinkler systems, flood water, and rainwater harvesting. We specialize in plumbing drafting services, drainage plans, water supply, and distribution plans. We also provide HVAC duct & pipe modeling, domestic water pipe modeling, natural gas pipe modeling, and drainage water pipe modeling. By providing these details in the pre-construction phase, we help to reduce the risk of human errors, reduce material and labor waste, and eliminate rework.

Our Approach to MEP BIM

MEP 3D modeling

We convert well-detailed MEP drafts and 2D design drawings into 3D models, following the required level of detail (LOD). Alongside as-built BIM designs, we develop thorough 3D models of layouts of MEP layouts, pipework, planning and installing HVAC, as well as risers. We also carry out accurate analysis along with constructability evaluation, clash detection, coordination, and design optimization.

Revit MEP modeling services

We also excel at creating Revit Families for mechanical components used in Revit MEP projects, as well as electrical, and ventilation elements used in Revit MEP projects for interior furniture, window design, and mechanical valves. From parametric modeling to BIM library creation, the Revit family provides the right framework required for MEP designs. The Revit MEP BIM software makes it easier to perform 3D modeling and MEP BIM services, creating intelligent models for a building's HVAC BIM services, Electrical, and Plumbing systems.

MEP shop drawings

Our BIM engineers create coordinated shop drawings that are well-detailed and have a variety of elevations, dimensions, and annotations. This enables easy fabrication in the workshop and on-site installation. Some of the MEP drawings we provide are Fabrication drawings, sheet metal drawings, Spool drawings, equipment pad layout, Builders’ drawings, and Isometric drawings/sectional drawings.


Benefits of MEP BIM Services

  • Detection of clashes
    Construction clients can now check for potential hard, soft, and workflow clashes in building systems thanks to coordinated BIM MEP models. Companies that offer MEP BIM 3D modeling reroute utilities, alter elevations, and resize MEP components to precisely resolve clashes in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. The 3D BIM MEP clash coordination technique minimizes rework during construction phasing, saving valuable time and money.
  • BIM MEP coordination
    The coordination drawings offered by capable MEP engineers assist in pre-construction problem solving, reducing construction time and cost. Some of the MEP Coordination drawings created from the 3d BIM Model show work details for various clashes within the building's structure, equipment, partitions, and ceilings and frames.
  • Construction stage sequencing
    MEP BIM coordination is necessary to ensure that the newest models from each discipline are coordinated and implemented without clashes. Every stage of the construction knows the next step to take as a result of well-detailed 3D models.
  • Object visualization
    Design companies can visualize the entire building system before construction begins, thanks to the 3D BIM MEP model, which leads to better construction project planning. During the pre-construction stage, the 3D MEP coordinated model provides precise location information for various MEP installations and components in relation to other building elements, thus helping clients and other contractors on the project to easily visualize each component of proposed MEP designs.

Company advantages

Competitive pricing

Our pricing and quotations are always reasonable and cost-effective for clients, which has earned us a reputation for quality deliveries at moderate market prices.

Short turnaround time

Our MEP design engineers are well trained and possess a wide range of well-honed technical skills that guarantees your projects will be delivered on time and with the highest level of accuracy.

Experience (10+ years)

Over the past decade, we have successfully completed more than 100 MEP projects across the US and major European markets. We leverage this huge volume of experience in every project we handle to ensure standard deliveries.

Dedicated team | Team augmentation

We have a driven and dedicated team well trained in the complex designs of MEP BIM services. Our MEP BIM models have been proven to achieve standard results in every building project involving MEP BIM coordination.

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