Сonstruction Documentation Services - 2A

Сonstruction Documentation Services - 2A

Construction documentation services are the backbone of any construction project and provide important information about the building you and your team can use to ensure that it's built according to design specifications, budget and Schedule requirements, and more.

A quality construction documentation company like 2A architectural atelier with 100+ projects experience in architectural BIM on the European and North American markets. Ensures you have everything for the job. Documents to make your project successful, including drawings, plans, reports, and more If you want to learn more about our services, keep reading!

Construction Documentation Design Areas

Сonstruction of project documentation

Architectural Construction Drawings - preparation of CD sets is the last stage of the architectural design process and is more detailed than the concept design drawings:

  • Floor, elevations & roof plans
  • Door and windows schedule sheet
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP)
  • Building and wall sections
  • Landscape & as-built drawings

Structural Construction Drawings - additional details showing the locations, sizes, spacing details, and materials specification of structural elements:

  • Foundation details
  • Beam Layout & framing plans
  • Blockworks drawings
  • Column, slab and roof layouts

MEP Construction Drawings - these are prepared to show the location, identification, and installation details of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements in a building.

Benefit from construction documentation services

The cornerstone of every architectural project, construction documentation design, is the creation of drawings and models to provide all the necessary information on how to build your project successfully and compliantly with local laws and building codes.

2A architectural atelier company has been designing construction documents for years, and here are some tips. Because of the many years we have spent in the industry, and we now know how to do it best.

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Ad-hoc Architectural Construction Documentation

2D CAD drafting services

Digital computer-aided design (CAD) software has largely replaced hand-drawn blueprints and plans used previously by architects, building managers, and engineers. It makes the development of both 2D and 3D content easier. Designs visualize the building process and allow for the design procedure's enhancement, modification, and optimization. As a result, designers can produce more precise representations and make iterative improvements more easily.

CAD to BIM conversion services

CAD to BIM conversion in construction is converting scanned and paper-based construction designs into a digital format, such as CAD or BIM. 2A architectural atelier with 100+ projects experience in architectural BIM on the European and North American markets. Offers pre-eminent CAD to BIM conversion services to AEC professionals, facilitating accurate construction drawing & documentation for building construction.

Calculations for engineering & electrical load

Design calculations provide minimum requirements and principles for producing electrical calculations on projects. All projects, including electrical components, require electrical calculations, which should be documented in the project notebook.

Architectural specification with schedules

A construction contract's specifications outline the necessary products, materials, and labor. Therefore, you must read them in conjunction. Other information, such as amounts, schedules, and drawings, contain cost, quantity, and drawing information. The Schedule of Works must contain references to all relevant papers so that you can refer back to the Schedule if the contractor later asserts that a certain item was unclear or confusing. The Schedule of Work should contain references to planning applications or conditions linked to the planning approval, the structural engineer's calculations, any pre-information pack, any constraints, and any other pertinent information for the anticipated works.

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Approach to Documentation Construction | 2A Atelier

Scope of Work determination

2A architectural atelier consists of the overview and documentation of the client's requirements. The entire procedure is based on communication between the architect and the client.
We determined the written composition of the work within the first meeting with the client. After this, we needed to define what we should retain for further issues. This included single-part works and parts for which separate general documentation will be issued.

Construction documentation development

Based on the Scope of Work (SOW) determination, the firm provides delivery of construction documentation, including Design Building Information Modeling and Construction Information Modeling deliverables. The SOW is determined by the architect in coordination with their client based on the written program and design documents.

Quality check and revisions

After getting your Scope of Work review, it will require some modifications a lot of the time. We want to make sure beyond all reasonable doubt that you do not spend any more than you expected. 2A architectural atelier is the quality management and reputation of construction documentation services and companies that improve the level of clients' expectations on architectural construction documentation.



Final delivery

2A architectural atelier followed a good delivery method; we brought a construction project from its inception to its conclusion. It is a method for organizing and funding the design, construction, operations, and maintenance services for the build you are working on, whether in a facility or a structure. It is a legally binding agreement, similar to a contract that has been reached between the various parties engaged in the building project.

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