3D BIM Modeling & Rendering Services

3D BIM Modeling & Rendering Services

With over 12 years of experience in the ever-growing, competitive BIM 3D Modeling industry, 2A company is a leading company offering excellence in 3D BIM Modeling using state-of-the-art technical solutions of varying complexities...

Having successfully implemented over 100 projects irrespective of complexity and size, we are a dedicated team of more than 30 in-house BIM experts and architectural designers. With our Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, our team is extensively trained in delivering 3D BIM Modeling Services to a global clientele spread across the US, UK, Israel, Germany, Luxemburg, and Europe. 2A company is here for architects, looking for BIM design outsourcing services, engineers, building contractors and real estate agents.

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Outsourcing 3D Modeling & Rendering Services

Benefit from outsourcing BIM services
We provide outsourcing BIM services internationally. Businesses can benefit from our 2D and 3D BIM services in several ways: by reducing costs, saving time on training, and avoiding risks. We provide client-centric 2D and 3D drafting with tailored solutions for your project and guaranteed in-time delivery.
  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Planing
  • Contrcution
  • Modern Design
  • Renovation
  • Consulting
  • Exterior Designing

Costs and Risks elimination

Contractors and designers can optimize their workflows before construction starts by using the BIM software tools. This leads to significant cost savings and waste reduction. They can calculate costs earlier and make better material choices thus reducing risk and human error.
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Ad-Hoc BIM Modeling & 3D Visualization Services

Architectural BIM Modeling

The AEC industry's project design and construction workflows have been revolutionized by BIM modeling. The Architectural BIM services we offer include 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Services, As-Built Modeling, BIM documentation.

Revit 3D BIM Modeling Services

We offer promising 3D BIM Rendering services for the architectural, structural, MEP, and façade industries by leveraging the comprehensive expertise of our multi-disciplinary team in Autodesk Revit. This includes Revit 3D Modeling and Rendering, BIM Drafting and Drawing Services, Customized Revit Family Creation, BIM Coordination and MEP Clash Detection.

3D Floor Plan Rendering Services

We bring your vision to life by creating realistic and detailed concept 3D floor plans that are carefully adapted to the needs and lifestyles of your office, mansion, apartment, or café. We provide 3D floor plan (space partitioning/distribution), photorealistic visuals, interior comparisons.

2D to 3D BIM Conversion

At 2A design company, our highly qualified BIM engineers transform your scanned images, paper drawings, pdf, and conceptual sketches from 2D to 3D BIM models. We offer 2D to 3D rendered Architectural floor plans, Detailed 3D modeling based on 2D drawings, SolidWorks Vault and Autodesk PDM Vault creation from drafts.

Our Approach to the BIM 3D Modeling Process

Cost estimation

We discuss important costs that will be incurred in all phases of the project with a customer. Costs depend on project type, scale, and complexity. We also provide free cost estimation and pre-ordering consultation.

Project Pre-planning

Our team ensures comprehensive and detailed planning by understanding the client’s requirements and delivering projects catering to their expectations. Decision-making, design implementation, fabrication detailing, and scheduling are discussed from start to the end of the customer’s project.


We develop strong concepts using 2D CAD drawings and/or digital prints. These are used as visuals when pitching a conceptual design to a client and serve as a base leading to a successful implementation of BIM.

BIM 3D Rendering

Customers get a glimpse into the future through BIM 3D Modeling. This visualization helps review the concept and is produced with collaboration between multiple teams and revisions of the project.



Benefits of BIM 3D Modeling & Rendering

  • Greater certainty of design
    The optimal method of construction can be implemented using visualizations. This 3D Rendering helps to provide better control over the technical decisions made for the execution of the design throughout all stages of the project resulting in accuracy and a higher quality structure.
  • Faster project delivery
    Automating several aspects of the design process speeds up the activity and helps save time. Professionals can agree on design concepts and complex construction details can be resolved before construction leading to faster project delivery.
  • Clash detection
    Automated clash detection is a BIM 3D Modeling tool that assists stakeholders in preventing last-minute changes and unforeseen problems. Early clash detection is crucial to avoid costly design changes or reworks.
  • Improved Scheduling/ Sequencing
    BIM Modeling and 3D Rendering save time by eliminating delays in the construction schedule. Design and documentation are done simultaneously. Projects are more likely to be finished on time due to increased collaboration.

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